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Finding it hard to get your college at the top?

Seekho’s mission is to get your college ready for the industry. We provide industry-relevant courses and training that will help you get ready for jobs

About the company

  • Seekho is a career accelerator. We are on a mission to provide industry relevant skills.
  • We are helping institutions to get the industry connect and ultimately help the students to get them placed.

Courses we offer!

Certificate Program in Logistics

In this program, we’ll cover supply chain management through a unified form of classroom mentoring and practical training.

Certificate Program in Data Analytics

Master Data Analytics by specializing in Machine Learning, SQL, Python, and Data Mining

Certificate Program In Marketing

Master the art and science of marketing by specializing in Digital Marketing, Branding, Analytics & PR.

Certificate Program in Finance

This Program in Finance will help you understand the fundamentals of Finance, Accounting, Financial Markets, and Banking

Certificate Program in Hospitality

In this program, you’ll learn all about the hospitality management space through classroom training and industry visits

Certificate Program in Information Technology

In this program, master the foundational structure of information technology

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