Startup TAB – Talent Acquisition Bootcamp

Imagine you could learn from the leaders at Sequoia, Microsoft, and Amazon all in one place? Some may just call it a course. We call it The Startup TAB.

At last, a Talent Acquisition Bootcamp (TAB) meticulously designed for Startup Leaders and Talent Managers.

June 2022

The Startup TAB is a Talent Acquisition Bootcamp developed in close association with Swati Khanna, VP of Human Capital, Sequoia, and other top leaders.

The Bootcamp is broken down into 10 intense, 10-week modules delivered via a one-of-a-kind, live online experience.

Forget boring mentors and outdated business knowledge. You will be taught straight by VPs, CEOs, CHROs, and talent acquisition leaders from the top businesses, startups, and product companies.

Our experts have worked in some of the leading companies around the world

Who is behind it

Here are the experts who’ve brought this to life.

This bootcamp is specifically designed for leaders and managers wanting to find, catch and keep the best talent for their Startups.

These are usually Entrepreneurs, Founders, Talent Acquisition Specialists, HR Managers and Talent Management Consultants who want to be better at hiring top talent and take their Startups or careers to greatness.

There are only limited enrollments in the cohort. The earlier you apply the better chance you will have to join us in this season of The Startup TAB.

Understand how to build on and staff the talent
you need to reach your greatest potential.

10 modules. 10 categories.
From the Core all the way to the Future
and every little detail in between.

build a great

    A host of other supplementaries await upon enrollment

    Expert led sessions

    Activity based classes

    Microlearning hits

    1:1 Mentorship sessions

    Ask-me-anything sessions

    Peer Community access

    Case Studies

    Leader network access

    Who are We?

    Seekho is a rapidly growing career accelerator platform that connects learners with knowledge, Industry gurus and exciting career opportunities.

    We have empowered over 70000 learners to accelerate their careers so far.

    Being a Sequoia funded startup gives us a unique opportunity to team up with their leadership team and bring to you the Startup Talent Accelerator Bootcamp. Or as we call it - The Startup TAB.

    Leave your information and be updated when the application process begins. The earlier you apply the better chance you will have to join the June session of
    The Startup TAB.